Lab Mission
Advancing the science of delivering the right care, for all patients, at the right time, for emergency care conditions with particular attention to cardiovascular disease.

Stanford campus grounds

Emergency STEMI Care Network

Patients suspected of STEMI are referred to an emergency department (ED) for rapid evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, and guidelines recommend the diagnosis be made within 10 minutes of arrival. The objective of this collaboration is to understand the emergency care delivered to STEMI patients and variation in clinical process and condition outcomes.

Christopher Baugh

Christopher Baugh, MD

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Angela Mills

Angela Mills, MD

Columbia University
Nicholas Gavin

Nicholas Gavin, MD

Mount Sinai
Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson, MD, MPH

University of Wisconsin
Gilberto Salazar

Gilberto Salazar, MD

University of Texas Southwestern
Mary Tanski

Mary Tanski, MD, MBA

Oregon Health Sciences University

Bryn Mumma, MD, MAS

University of California at Davis